Munns Goose Fat

 Alongside the Geese, there is a strong demand for our free range “Munns Goose Fat”, which is becoming very popular with the public thanks to many celebrity chefs using it on their television shows. With its relatively low proportion of saturated fatty acids when compared to other animal fats such as dripping or lard, it’s not hard to see why many more people are turning to this product.  Generally speaking more goose fat is eaten in mainland Europe, than here in Britain. One such country that consumes large quantities of goose fat is France and none more so than the population within the Gascony region, where goose and duck liver, along with goose and duck fat, form a staple of the regional diet. This region has the lowest levels of heart attacks of anywhere in Europe.  Compared to levels in the USA where 315 of every 100,000 middle-aged men die of heart attacks each year. In France the rate is 145 per 100,000.  However, in the  Gascony  region where goose and duck liver form a staple of the diet, this rate is only 80 per 100,000. This phenomenon  has recently gained international attention as  the French Paradox. They eat more goose & duck fat fat in Gascony  than any where else, but they live the longest. We are not saying that the additional longevity of the people of Gascony is due to the consumption of goose/duck fat but it’s certainly not doing them any harm.See here for Goose & Duck fat analysis. “Munns Goose fat” is sold in 150 gram jars and is available all of the year round. Again there is more information on our other site

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