12-2-2012-Snowy-days-017Westmoor Farm is part of the Cambridgeshire County Farm Estate and is situated in the heart of The Fens, 1.5 miles west of the market town of Chatteris. The Munns family has farmed here since October 1959 when  Alice and Lionel Munns took on the tenancy of a 21 acre smallholding and an old farmhouse from the Isle of Ely County Council. Funding was provided from a £100 pools win and extended credit from suppliers. We still have in our treasured possession that original tenancy agreement from all those years ago.

The farm now consists of about 500 acres of arable cropping and is run as a family business by husband and wife team George and Jane Munns and daughter Lucy Munns. The farm has gained an enviable reputation for the conservation work undertaken and takes environmental protection and enhancement very seriously indeed. Despite the expansion in area from those early days, the farm cropping and “core business” is still very much that of a traditional Fenland farm. Nowadays we also keep an annual flock of Christmas geese, along with our famous goose fat/Duck fat and cold pressed rapeseed oil which we supply to outlets throughout the country. 
To find out more about our cropping click on the links below

 Potatoes           Sugar Beet               Oilseed Rape  

We have lots of fun running our farm we try to make sure those helping us have fun too. Have a look at our gallery and have fun too..!!