(iv). The results, There are 14 local farmers who have little or no effective restrictions on their irrigation activities because they are licenced to take water either directly or through a water transfer system from our reservoir. We supply a huge area via the local internal drainage board drains or via our 2.5km of associated underground mains pipes that radiate from the reservoir. Farms as far away as 5 miles are supported. Our customers range from some of the biggest farms in the area who have their own reservoirs and summer extraction licences and just need extra capacity. To other smaller growers who have no other licence at all The water sales vary annually depending on the weather and the degree of restrictions imposed by the Environment Agency, but range from a few million gallons up to around 13 million with an average of 8 million giving us an average income of £8,000. Couple this to the fact we can now grow our own crops with ample water, even to be able to irrigate wheat as we did last year, brings the benefit up to a very substantial level.