L & AE Munns and Son

Advisers to the Archers on Radio 4…!!!!

A few months ago The story writers for the “Archers” radio program contacted L&AE Munns to ask our advice about a story line regarding Christmas geese production. It has been such a success, the national interest in Christmas geese has increased dramatically. Producers all over the United Kingdom have reported huge increases in interest….!!! Read all about “L&AE Munns and the Archers” here

roast-goose 2

Which is best Turkey or goose…??

The mail online asks which is best Turkey or Goose. They found just what we knew all along Goose wins hands down every time. You cant get better value than a Free-range Oven-ready goose from L& AE Munns and Son. The best value Oven ready goose in Cambridgeshire.