January 2014

Well here we are a the end of January and all it seems to have done is rain, rain and more rain..!!
So what does a farmer do in Januay when it rains all the time. Well some go on their winter holidays. Some take after hedgehogs and go into hibernation..!!
Oh no not me..!!   What do I do..??
I decide to keep the promise I made 3 years ago and decorate the lounge. I got a bit carried away though and ended up changing 7 doors painting walls and woodwork throughout our bungalow as well. Now the dog has disowned me and refuses to acknowledge my existence due to him being banned from the newly painted rooms. He now has to sleep on his own bed not on the settee as before. Poor old Oz, I’m sorry mate..!!Ozzy 001
Not much has gone on on the farm except a few repair jobs and cleanups.
But hey we have an almost new house.!!!
Soon we will also have a new couple move in to the next door farm. We wish Becki and Tom Noble all the best for their future at Westmoor Farm.
Well we await February to see if the winter will finally arrive or will it pass us by altogether this year…!!