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 MUNNS   Extra   Virgin

Cold Pressed   Rapeseed  Oil


Munns Extra Virgin Cold Press Olive Oil Bottle


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  “Proudly British”

Our oil is extracted  from   the seed  by  gently pressing the seeds. The resulting golden oil is filtered and bottled, ready to be sent to one of 300 of Munns stockists throughout the  United Kingdom. We  add nothing to the oil and we take nothing away, so dribbled over a  salad or used for cooking this oil is as good as it gets. Just for good measure  it also carries  the  Assured  Food  Standards  Little Red Tractor mark that indicates  the high standards  employed  in  the growing   and  manufacture  of this  premium product. Our premises are also SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) accredited.   

 Did you know? 
  MUNNS   Rapeseed Oil  has half the saturated fat content, 10 x more omega 3  and double the omega 6 of a typical olive oil ?   Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil has the lowest saturated fat content of any other oil available on the market


  Did you know?
We now supply a top quality pure Suffolk Honey..??



 Did you know we also supply Equine Oil for horses!

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